Will the Warriors Tank This Season?

Stephen Curry comes down with hand injury during Wednesday night against Phoenix Suns

As of November 6th, the Warriors are off to a disappointing 2-5 record, a far cry from a 21-0 start two seasons prior. Warriors fans thought the situation couldn’t be worse until Stephen Curry came down awkwardly on his left hand after a routine lay-up against the Phoenix Suns last Wednesday night. Now an intriguing question is arising for spectators across the league; will the Warriors even make the playoffs in the stacked Western Conference or will they decide to tank? It would be a miracle if Klay Thompson would be back after the All-Star Break in February and recent history has shown that it most likely will not happen. Zach Lavine and Danilo Gallanari missed about a full year with the same injury. Even if Thompson does indeed return, the chances of the Warriors making the playoffs (let alone having a good seed) are low. This is because of Curry’s injury. He is projected to be out for over three months. That digs a hole for the team that they can’t climb out of.

D Lo and Draymond Green have been on and off the court to start this season. One of them sitting out for a considerable amount of time would be the final nail in the coffin for hopes of a playoff run. With the Curry injury, the Warriors will probably tank this season and focus on their young talent to build an identity around the lackluster bench.

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  1. I do not watch much NBA basketball, but it does not seem like the Warriors are going to have a very good season this year. Hopefully they are able to build up their young talent this year so future injuries will not affect them as much.


  2. I personally do not know a ton about NBA teams, but I have a friend who LOVES the Warriors. Maybe now I can actually talk to them about it!!


  3. Very good topic to talk about. The NBA is while this season with lakers doing and the Warriors not, good article.


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