As a Chicago Bulls fan, it was foolish of me to have hopes of a good year.  They were supposed to come out strong and shock other teams in the Eastern Conference. Kevin Pelton from ESPN said before the preseason that the Bulls would be the most underrated team in the conference. That prediction is now laughable to look back on now that the Bulls are 11th in their conference with an 8-15 record.

One reason of the slow start is that Lauri Markkanen was supposed to have a breakout year but instead the polar opposite has happened. His stats are significantly down averaging almost 19 points and nine rebounds last season to averaging 13.9 points and 6.7 rebounds currently and his field goal percentage has taken a nosedive. A disappointing start to say the least. His regression partly has to do with the chemistry of the team. 

Watching a Bulls game, it is easy to spot the lack of chemistry between Zach LaVine and Markkanen. Both are primarily two-guards and do not work well together on the court. Something might be going on inside the locker room but whatever it is, it is radiating to the rest of the team. Every game the Bulls have played looks uninspired and has led to some embarrassing losses to the Knicks, Warriors, and Cavaliers. I hope that the Bulls association figures out what is wrong with the disarrayed team or else next season will be another painful season for a Bulls fan like me.


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  1. I’m not a huge fan of basketball but I hope the Bulls have a better season in the future. Great information and blog, very cool.


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