The Clippers Will Become the Most Menacing Team in the NBA

Both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have been fighting or recovering from injuries this season but  the Los Angeles Clippers are 3-0 when they are on the court together this week. When watching the Clippers, there is an obvious chemistry problem with the two superstars. This is because Paul George has not only just started playing games with Leonard, he has barely even practiced with him and the rest of the team. Even so, the presence of the duo has benefited the team.

Having two superstars actively playing on the court has helped the role players. The Clippers undoubtedly have one of the best, if not the best, bench and supporting cast in the NBA with names like Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, and Patrick Beverley. If the opposing team focuses too much on George or Leonard, it leaves opportunities for the role players to step up and have great games. Lou and Harrell have both had explosive games in the past week. On Sunday, Harrell tied his career high of 34 points against the Pelicans in a 134-109 win. Lou Williams has been a consistent scorer for the team off the bench boasting multiple 20 point games to start the season.

Every game the superstar duo plays together, the stronger their chemistry will become. The better the chemistry, the more difficult it will be to defeat this talented team. With time, they will likely be the best or second best team in the league.


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  1. I am personally a Lakers fan, and I hope they will have a good series in the playoffs! For sure an LA team is winning a championship this year… the Clippers will be tough to beat.


  2. Yea I agree no doubt the Clippers are the most complete team defensively. Taking a look at the Lakers though there a menace in the paint defensively and who on the Clippers defense is gonna stop Anthony Davis?


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