The offense of James Harden cannot be ignored after having one of his career best nights in the Rocket’s most previous game. He managed to drop 60 points in 31 minutes and less than three quarters. He is undoubtedly the best scorer the NBA has seen since Michael Jordan and is dominating this era with his offensive skills. 

Leading the NBA by eight points in terms of points per game, Harden is averaging 38.9 points.  Giannis Antetokounmpo is second in the league with an impressive 30.1 points per game. That is a massive margin. It is unlikely that he will be able to keep those incredible numbers throughout the full regular season  but that average in 19 games is still a huge accomplishment. If Harden does manage to keep close to that, he will break Michael Jordan’s best single season point average in the 1987 season which was a whopping 37.1 points.

 Harden’s point average is impressive but the way he gets most of his points is even more impressive. Harden thrives on iso one on one match-ups. With the NBA evolving more towards ball movement offense, Harden is one of the only players in the modern day league that consistently uses isolation. Around 50% of Harden’s points come from isolation. None of the other 25 PPG or above players even approach 30%. In his 60 point game, 31 of those came from iso play. James Harden is revolutionizing a style that was thought to be dead. Playing his own game has led him to become the best offensive power of the era.


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  1. I personally am not a fan of watching NBA, I prefer college basketball, but NBA players are obviously very good and from the looks of your blog, James Harden sounds like a huge threat to other teams.


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